Greater and King BoP Photo trip

We are very pleased to successfully organized a photo trip for Greater Bird of Paradise and King Bird of Paradise in mid August 2023. The hides are eye-leveled to the lek, at 15-20 mtr height. Therefore the photos and videos are just amazingly stunning.

2 of the above photos was taken by our guest; Koh Kawabe.

There are plenty of other bird species within the forest such as Spangled kookaburra which is quite common, Eastern hooded pitta and Papuan pitta, Emperor fairywren, Frilled monarch, Golden Monarch, Spot-winged monarch, Yellow bellied boatbill, Tawny-breasted honeyeater, and many others.

The journey to the forest is such an adventure which we will never forget. Airplane, car, boats, and foot. Plus safe climbing gears to get to the hide. We have lots of fun and satisfied feeling though.

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