Tour Program

17 Days

Java-Bali Overland

With its scenic beauty and diverse culture of ancient culture wisdom, visiting Java and Bali offers you a good number of life list and memorable experiences. As part of the Greater Sundas Islands, characterized by the presence of Asian faunas, more than 500 bird species occur in Java and Bali. Among them, many are iconic and endemics, from the graceful of Bali Myna, the valorous Indonesia national emblem Javan Hawk-eagle, to the bright and colorful of Javan Trogon, Java Sparrow or Javan Kingfisher.

14 Days


Within this tour we will photographed 9 Bird of paradise species from hides in 3 different location. Plenty of chances to photograph Kingfishers, Pitta, Parrots, Finch and Mannikins in between. In the end of the trip, we may also take pictures of endemic Couscous species.

6 Days


Designed for photographing Pitta in Papua combined with Lesser Bird of Paradise, Magnificent Rifflebird, King Bird of Paradise, and Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise from hides. We will also have chances to photograph Common paradise Kingfisher, Yellow billed and Hook billed kingfisher. Other species like Papuan hornbill and parrots species will be bonuses.

15 Days


A 15 days medium long birding trip to Lesser Sunda. From the savannah, beautiful limestone river and humid rainforest of Sumba, to the dry West Timor and Rote region and continue with mountainous cool air of Bajawa and Ruteng. The trails are considered easy to moderate, with mostly dry and humid condition within whole trip.We will expect to see many lesser sunda islands endemics which isolated within the Islands. From Citron crested cockatoos, Sumba hornbill, Mount mutis parrotfinch, Timor green pigeon, up to Flores hawk-eagle, Flores scops owl, and many others.

17 Days


This is a 17 days long bird trip Sulawesi-Halmahera Island with light to moderate and hard trekking. The trails in Tangkoko will be light while moderate and long trek in Halmahera. The moderate to hard one is in Lore Lindu National park where we will climb to Anaso peak. We expect to see many endemics including the beautiful Wallaces’s Standarwing Birds of paradise.When we’re out birding where there are no hotels, we stay in local houses/homestays where the accommodation is simple and rooms have to be shared. Toilets and washing facilities will be very basic, but available in every village we stay. Bring your own jacket, sleeping bag, mattress and mosquito net. The temperature in high elevation will be about 12-250 celcius, while humidity can be very high sometimes.

10 Days

Bali – East Java – Lombok

This is a 10 days medium bird trip to east Java, Bali, and Lombok, Indonesia. This trip considered very relaxing with moderate trekking. We are expected to see the critically endangered Javan hawk-eagle, Green peafowl and Green Junglefowl in Java. The beautiful Bali starling, Black winged starling, Javan banded pitta in Bali. Ended with Elegant pitta and Lombok island endemic; Rinjani scops owl. All of that will combine with many other of Indonesia endemics.

7 Days

Bali – Komodo – Flores

This is a medium 7 days trip period in middle part of Indonesia. Through the scenic view of paddy field terraces, lakes, evergreen forest, dry low land forest, to the beautiful calm turqoise beaches with healthy coral reefs area. Expected to see many Indonesian endemic bird species such as Bali starling, Javan banded pitta, Green junglefowl, Indonesian honey eater and also the remaining ancient creature; KOMODO.

10 Days

Arfak – Waigeo

This is 10 days medium bird trip to Papua, Indonesia with moderate to tough trekking. From the spectacular mountainous rainforest of Arfak to the richest coral reef area in the world Rajaampat (waigeo). We expected to see many endemics including 10 species of the beautiful Birds of paradise.

27 Days

Parrot Trip

This is a long birding trip with lots of moving. Expected to see 30+ species of 88 parrot species in Indonesia. Many of them are endemics to Indonesia. Visiting more than 10 islands by planes, ferries, 4wd cars, motorcycles and adventurous walking treks. Other Indonesian endemics can also be seen during this trip included few species of Birds of paradise, sunbirds, cicadabirds, hornbills, kingfishers, cassowary, bowerbirds, finches, flycatchers etc.

24 Days

Bird of Paradise West Papua

This is a long adventorous trip across West Papua, Indonesia. Through spectacular landscapes in every place. From high mountains, lakes, savannah, deep rainforest, to beautiful calm turqoise beaches with healthy coral reefs area. Expected to see Birds of Paradise species which live in Indonesian area along with other Indonesian endemics families.

18 Days

Classic West Papua

This is an 18 days long bird trip across West Papua, Indonesia. Through spectacular landscapes in every place. From high mountains, lakes, savannah, deep rainforest, to beautiful calm turqoise beaches with healthy coral reefs area. With moderate to tough trekking in mountainous Arfak and Nimbokrang rainforest, to lowland forest of Malagufuk and beautiful beaches in Waigeo. We expected to see many endemics and of course the beautiful Birds of paradise.