who we are

Birding Indonesia is Indonesian based travel agency. We have extensive experience in travelling around the archipelago for the last 20 years (since 2001). We arranged our first birdwatching tour in 2008 and have continued ever since. Our area of expertise is eastern Indonesia with well over 80 trips – private and commercial – to Bali, Lesser Sunda, Sulawesi, Papua, and Moluccas. We have long and deep relationships with all the local guides and speak Indonesian language fluently.

Booking a tour with us not only gives you an amazing birdwatching tour, but also gives you a deep insight into many other fabulous biodiversity, local culture, and making new incredible friends for life.

Mehd Halaouate

Mehd fall in love with Indonesia’s fabulous birds since year 2001 and have worked for conservation of one of the most endangered beautiful bird in Indonesia; Bali starling. He is now trying to re-establish the Mitchell’s Lorikeet (Trichoglossus forsteni mitchellii) on Bali and Lombok with the help of World Parrot Trust and Birdingindonesia.

His intensive travel and island hoping either for assessing the wild parrot populations or leading birding tours has helped him accumulate a fairly good knowledge about the bird species of Indonesia including Papua. He is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to identifying parrot species and subspecies.

He has also been involved with the training of the staff of the forestry offices especially in Maluku together with other partners in wildlife husbandry and care. This is a very important step so that the confiscated wildlife will have a fair chance of recovery and then release.

He has given so many presentations and talks about the state of the birds of Indonesia trying to raise awareness about the threats these birds face on a daily basis from trappers and smugglers. The demand for wildlife is intense thus putting so many species in the risk of going extinct. One of the solution he has been preaching about is breeding in captivity so that these bred birds will cover some of the demand. Eliminating the demand for wildlife is nearly impossible we just have to find solutions to go around the problem and fighting it from the inside.

Oka Dwi Prihatmoko

Oka is a veterinarian who has work with research and conservations in many islands of Indonesia. Java, Bali, and Ambon are amongst the islands. It started with birdwatching hobby during college which soon followed by volunteering in bird conservation community. Since 2006 he has been involved in bird surveys, nest protection activities, release, and avian influenza in wild bird surveillance all across java. While working in a safari zoo in Bali made him up close and personal with bird’s health and breeding of Eclectus parrot, Lories, Lorikeets, Yellow crested, Palm, and Mollucan cockatoos.

There is always something new we could find while observing birds become his major sentences which drives him passionate in keep continuing observing birds of Indonesia.