Birds & Mammals Trip

We are very delighted to have Sebastien & Frederic from France as our Birds and Mammals tour guests. Both of them were very nice and fun person. Perhaps, due to those wonderful personality, therefore we saw quite a lot of animals.

One of the most rare bird to see in Arfak mountain; White striped forest rail.

At least 140 lifer of bird species were seen in West papua and West Java in 12 days trip. We saw 11 Bird of Paradise species, which most of them were from hides. Therefore we could witnesses their outstanding form of dances.

For the mammals we saw couscous in Arfak, Malagufuk, and Waigeo, then bandicoot, sugar glider, and dolphins in Waigeo, also Langur and Otter in West Java. We missed to see the Echidna, even though we already dedicated one day to look only for that species. Unfortunately we were not that luck for that one. However we saw 1 green tree phyton, 1 Sailfin lizard, and a forest dragon as the bonuses.

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