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Within just 2 days of birdwatching with Rangkong Indonesia in a village of West Borneo Province, Indonesia, we found 84 species of birds. Some species to mention are Scarlet-rumped and Red naped Trogon, 3 species of Broadbill, Western hooded Pitta, Rhinoceros and Black Hornbill, 7 species of Babbler, 4 species of woodpeckers, Hook-billed Bulbul along with 6 other bulbul species and many other bird family.

One of the very best highlight is to know how easy to see and take pictures of the famous song bird White rumped shama. Just at the back of someone’s house, by the roadside, or flying around along a water stream. Thanks to the local wisdom culture of Dayak Iban tribe who stated this species as one of the sacred bird. Therefore nobody dare to hunt or poach them.

Actually there are 6 other sacred species, such as Rufous piculet, Scarlett-rumped and Diard’s Trogon, Maroon woodpecker, Rhinoceros and Black Hornbill. So with White-rumped Shama, there are 7 sacred bird of Dayak Iban tribe.

The habitat types of the village consist of primary and secondary forest, settlements, farm fields, and river. Its contour is very flat and low land of approximately around 20 masl. Therefore, to do birding in this area is very easy, less exhausting, and so much fun. The only constraint was the heat and high humidity, since it is located very close to the equator. However, there are plenty of tree canopy functioning for shades.

We are very sure, when we spend more time within the area, there will be more birds to see. Since the villagers told us about the presence of Partridge, Argus, Pheasant-pigeon, Bristlehead, Helmeted Hornbills and many other species. Next time, we will explore more, including to the Lake Sentarum National Park which is about 1-2 hour drives from the village.

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