Fun and Easy Birding

During our birding trip with guests from Northern Ireland we saw lots of endemics. Including Javan kingfisher, Javan Hawk eagle, Javan sparrow, Javan banded pitta, Green junglefowl, Green peafowl, Black winged myna, Bali myna, Flame fronted barbet, Rinjani scops owl, Ornate pitta, and many others. This trip is considered an easy trekking with lots of beautiful scenery. From grassland savannah, mountainous rainforest, dry monsoon forest, paddy field terraces, to the cliff of southern tip of Lombok island.

It has been fun, yet productive in Java-Bali-Lombok. We got so many bird photos. Some of it were taken from the hides we visited. Like the Javan banded pitta in both Java-Bali and also Ornate pitta in Lombok. Very close in range, just about 3-5 mtr in distance from our hides.

Birds that were not coming to the hides are also very pretty during their flights. Like this White tailed tropicbirds that we counted up to 7 individuals seen in southern Lombok cliffs.

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