Fakfak Cassowary

The short trip to West Papua visiting Fak Fak region is very worth. Especially for this 2 targets species; The Southern Cassowary and the Banded Yellow Robin. Yes, we got them big time alongside some amazing birds and other wildlife species.

The cassowary visit us several times, even when we were inside a hide for Magnificent Bop. It was not afraid to human. Looks tame, but still we have to be alert and careful when meeting this guy. A big thank you to some amazing friends, Aponk, Paul and Chone for making this happen for us.

The second most wanted target from this trip the Banded Yellow Robin or Olive-yellow Robin (Gennaeodryas placens) which has very limited area distribution. It occurred only in just a few small dots in the second biggest island on the planet. We had a pair feeding a chick this time. The chick can be seen in the photograph with the tip of the beak still ivory coloured.

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