Conservation of Yellow Crested Cockatoo

On March-April 2023, we help and funded a conservation project for the Critically Endangered (CR) Yellow crested cockatoo in Moyo Island, Sumbawa. This species is one of the 2 CR status parrots in Indonesia according to IUCN.

The Arfak or Plum-faced Lorikeets

The first time I saw these beautiful lorikeets, the Plum-faced lorikeets, was in aviculture. Back in the days when I bred parrots in Sweden one of our most enjoyable trips we did with fellow aviculturists from Sweden were to meet our European friends who bred amazing species known to us only in books. We had trips going to friends and breeders in Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Trip Report Bali

This is a trip with one guest from Spain, Federico,  who took 2 days of his vacation for birding in Bali after having his job done in Jakarta. Even though not many places we visit and not really deep into the forest, but we got more than 60 species in just 2 days of birding. Within those species, lots of Indonesian endemics were seen.

Malagufuk Trip Report

After having a wonderful and productive birding trip with a group from Sweden in Jayapura and Waigeo, me (Oka) and our best Swedish friend Bengt Legnell planning to have another extended trip to Malagufuk village. A small village near Sorong city, which is well known for its easiness to see Northern cassowary and Red breasted paradise kingfisher. It happened, not just those two wonderful species that we saw and took pictures, many other were amazingly appeared and dancing beautifully.