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Just a reminder that we still have spaces available for June, 2018. This is a classic tour to see Birds of Paradises and many other Papua endemics. From the island of Biak, to incredible scenery of Lake Sentani (Jayapura), hike the forest full of moss in mount Arfak (Vogelkop), then seek for fig parrots near the city of Sorong, and ended in most beautiful and peaceful beach of Waigeo in Rajaampat islands.

You get the chance to see the amazing Birds of Paradises. Such as Lesser, King, Twelve wire, Magnificient rifflebird, Pale billed sicklebill, Arfak astrapia, Long tailed paradigalla, Black sicklebill, Western parotia, Magnificient bop, Superb bop, Red bop, and also Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Other birds that we could also see such as Biak paradise kingfisher, Biak triller, Biak coucal, Biak scops owl, Biak monarch, Vogelkop bowerbird, and many kinds of parrot. Such as Black winged lory, Geelvink pygmy parrot, Buff face pygmy parrot, Palm cockatoo, Eclectus parrot, Papuan lorikeet, Red breasted pygmy parrot, Pesquette parrot and others.

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