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Birding Indonesia is a small Indonesian based travel agency. We have extensive experience in travelling around the archipelago for the last 15 years (since 2001). We arranged our first birdwatching tour in 2008 and have continued ever since.

Our area of expertise is eastern Indonesia with well over 50 trips – private and commercial – to Papua and Moluccas. We have long and deep relationships with all the local guides and speak Indonesian language fluently.

Booking a tour with us not only gives you an amazing birdwatching tour, but also gives you a deep insight into many other fabulous biodiversity, beautiful landscapes, local culture, and making new incredible friends for life.

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We manage the tours in a way for our guests not only encounter with Indonesia’s fabulous birds but also have an insight experience with Indonesia’s tropical forests, its biodiversity richness, beautiful landscapes, and warm hearted people.


During our trips, we always took loads of photos and video footage. We provide image and footage of birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles, primates, marine animals, and beautiful Indonesian landscapes


Many Indonesian birds are living in a restricted range of area within its 17.508 islands. We are open for discussion to held bird expedition such as for TV or documentary program, photo works, specific rare bird or remote area bird expedition.

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Misool and the search for Bernstein’s Lory – By Mehd Halaouate Birdingindonesia 11-2017

Misool and the search for Bernstein’s Lory – By Mehd Halaouate Birdingindonesia 11-2017 Introduction: After having found the Rajah Lories in the Fakfak and Bomberai region we, Bob Jackson and I had one subspecies left to look for in the wild, the Bernstein’s Lory Chalcopsitta atra bernsteini and for that we had to travel to […]

Trip to Fakfak and Bombarai region 16 to 22 October 2017 By: Mehd Halaouate

Introduction: The aim of this exploratory trip was mainly to document the parrot species of the Fakfak and Bomberai regions especially the Rajah Lory. Bob Jackson and I have been deciding where to go depending on the species we wanted to see the most. After our trip to the Sulas to see the Yellow and […]


Since Indonesia has more than 13.000 islands, there are many birds lived in a very remote island. Therefore we need to use boats to get to the place. Fortunately, we are now collaborate with Seatrek Sailing Adventure who run cruise across Indonesian Archipelago. For 2018, there are still seats left for Kendari to Gorontalo trip […]

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